We are Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Himalayan Rock Salt Products since 2010



Skilled Workers, efficient & state of the art processing unit, enabled us to implement International quality control procedures for manufacturing the quality products of Himalayan salt.

Why us?

A & N Himalayan Salt Craft Company has raised the production bar regarding standards and quality. We have taken it up to a whole new level by ensuring quality products and timely deliveries.

It does not matter whether the client is local or overseas or how big or small the project is; we aim to provide the best salt that is extracted from the Himalayan grounds and treated considering the worldly health standards. We facilitate clients concerning the health, decoration, beauty, food, and the general salt accessories. We put in all our efforts to keep it natural and craft it as per your requirements.

The workforce

We believe that a company is as good as its workforce that’s why we have recruited the best craftsmen and professionals available.

We make sure that they are paid well, and we get work done from them according to the needs of our clients and market. As we have our own factories in Lahore and Qaid-Abad, it gives us complete control over the production process starting from the extraction to converting the raw salt into a polished product.

What Makes Us Different?

The salt we sell have the following qualities: Pure: The salts have been extracted from the pristine ecosystem and they have all the rare minerals preserved. Positive Effect: They leave positive change on the health of humans and bring harmony in the body Precious: There is no salt like ours

What we offer ?

The salt products we offer can be used for cooking, décor purposes, for enjoying health benefits and we offer salt licks for animals too. We are proud to offer products that reflect the culture and value of communities. We have a long-term partnership with the locals who are actively involved in the mining processes. We use the latest mining methodologies for extracting the purest quality of salt and offer it for sale to let people enjoy the benefits of nature.

Buy the rarest pieces of Himalayan salt from us now and enjoy the benefits of this natural product.